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"time is what keeps everything from happening at once" ~ Ray Cummings

Time As A Membrane

Time, like a membrane, is a well-defined structure, imaginably flexible, and a possibly permeable construct. Musing upon the spatial and geometric nature of time as point, line, surface, volume, environment and more, Andrew Harwood and Ray Chung will co-teach this intensive contact improvisation workshop informed and framed by notions of the temporal. As with membranes, time envelopes, and connects different aspects of the physical, of bodily movements, of stillness, and of events. They invite you to join them as they extemporize in the present moments.

photo by Andrew Harwood


Tuesday-Saturday, March 7-11, 10:00am-5:30pm (1.5 hr lunch)
Primary Location: Finnish Hall, Berkeley CA
Cost: $495 / Early bird: $375 if paid by Feb 7
For more information & registration: taam@movingbytouch.com

photo by Andrew Harwood

Wojciech Mochniej & Ray Chung


This workshop is sponsored by Finnish Hall and produced by Moving By Touch. For all logistical questions related to payment, attendance, schedule etc. please email to Vitali Kononov at taam@movingbytouch.com or call 510-703-1085.

Workshop dates

March 7-11 2017

Register before February 7 and get the Early Bird discount

$ 375
Early Bird Price: paid BEFORE Feb 7
$ 495
Regular Price: paid after Feb 7

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